Welcome to NCAA Rosters Builder.  I designed this site to help those making rosters for NCAA 14.  There are links to all 126 teams official roster page along with links to incoming recruits and depth charts will be available once teams as teams start posting them to their site.  I also have links to various other sites including EA Sports Team Builder along with downloadable spreadsheets of Coaches and hopefully at some point I will be able to do the same for the rosters to help those that are creating the rosters.  I want to thank everybody out there that help to create rosters each year for the new game.  I know most of us won't even bother playing the game without them and I know first hand just how much work it is to create all these rosters!  Hopefully this site will make life a little easier for all of the roster creators!  
**Remember you do not need to pay for rosters, there are plenty of free rosters out there that are just as good and often better than those offered on pay sites.  There are communities such as Operation Sports where people spend hours upon hours researching these rosters to make them as accurate as humanly possible.  A number of pay sites simply "borrow" the finished product from others who have done all the work. Buyer beware is all I'm going to say***
Feel Free to download the Excel spreadsheets below.  One lists all the Head Coach, OC(s) and DC(s) for all 126 teams while the other has all of the Team Builder and/or Depth Chart versions of all 126 teams official rosters.  I created the spreadsheet and a number of the rosters but I also had major help from the wonderful community of roster builders on OperationSports.com from their NCAA 14' rosters forum.  I do not claim that these are 100 percent accurate simply because EA Sports does a poor job of updating their Team Builder rosters, tracking injuries, transfers, etc but these rosters are 95+ percent accurate as I know everybody that created a roster did their research and spent plenty of time getting them as accurate as possible.  I will be cleaning these rosters up and tweaking as fast I can but at least every team's rosters are complete.